Thank goodness for Amazon Prime

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2 years ago we realized that writing letters to Santa early was futile because the boys always came up with new requests the week before Christmas. So now we just wait until the last minute. Which inevitably leads to frantic last minute orders for things like “a New York Giants Santa hat” and “a Dolphins football.”  What. The Fuck.  Okay, the Giants hat I can get behind, although why it has to be a Santa hat is beyond me.  But the Dolphins ball?  No one in my house is, or ever has been, a Dolphins fan.  INCLUDING WILL.  So it is categorically unfair to request such an item approximately 3 days before Christmas.

On the other hand, one of the three requests was “a ring for my mom.” Sigh. Tears. So here I am at 1am paying God-knows-what for the damn Giants Santa hat and Dolphins football…