Do you know what the street value of this stuff is?

Snow that is.

Growing up in coastal Virginia was hard if you like cold and snow.  Inevitably every time a snowstorm came anywhere near, a magic force field would go up around Tidewater, thus causing us to get only rain while the rest of the East Coast got 8 inches. I probably should have moved to Minnesota but I’m a Virginia girl at heart.

When Jack was three, we had a humdinger of a snowstorm.  Around here, we call it a once in a lifetime storm.  Because it will literally only happen once in your lifetime.  Twice if you’re lucky.  The following year, he asked me when the snow was coming.  And like a true native of southern Virginia, I cocked my head and sympathetically said “oh honey, we probably won’t get snow for another 5 years.”  Damned if we didn’t get snow that year too.  And the year after that.  And the year after that.  So now my boys have a completely distorted opinion of winters in a coastal town.

But the forecast this week is for snow.  Lots of snow.  Coming right on the heels of last week’s snow.  There is much moaning and gnashing of teeth in these parts about the impending snowmageddon.  My favorite laments are from the mothers who are aghast that their children won’t be in school.   Apparently, the idea of talking to their children is enough to send these women spiraling downward into a complete Valium binge.

Me, I’m giddier than a 5 year old on Christmas morning.  My boys, who by now have a completely distorted opinion of Tidewater winters because they have seen 4 major snowstorms in their short lifespans, are oozing excitement out of their pores.   So I’m sorry for everyone who is cranky but this is payback for every damn time it didn’t snow when I was little. All hail the polar vortex, snowmageddon, and three days of no school!

If you happen to drive by my house, I’ll be the jackass throwing snowballs at my kids. And maybe your car.01 29 14_0003