Risk…it ain’t just a board game

Childhood is filled with risk.  Every.  Damn.  Second.
And it is all exhilarating, whether it be taking your first steps, going to school for the first time, or jumping off the highest jungle gym ever.
As you navigate through the murky waters of adolescence, you begin to appreciate that part of risk is the chance that you will lose.  You will fall flat on your face and it will hurt.  But still you are filled with that spirit of invincibility that makes it possible to try out for the team, to fall in love with someone who might not love you back, to apply to college, to live on your own for the first time.
As adults, the only acceptable use of risk is in a discussion with your investment advisor about midcaps versus foreign funds.  And that is not cowardice or complacency.  That is just reality.  You have a mortgage, a job, children, sick parents, tuition payments.
Risk is dangerous.
But every now and then, a beautiful risk presents itself. And I am so proud of Billy for taking it.  A chance to step away from the soft security of routine and embrace the exhilaration again.  A chance to work with two unbelievably creative, fun and brilliant friends (well, three if you count your part-time wife) doing unbelievably creative, fun, brilliant things.   A chance to spend more time with us.   A chance so perfect that it isn’t actually a risk at all.
Congratulations Billy. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life…