Guess Hooooo’s going to Greensboro?

Some girls dream of jewelry or exotic vacations.  Some dream of giant closets filled with shoes.  Some dream of being movie stars or CEOs.

But me, I dream of ACC Tournament tickets. And now I have ’em. So I will be there to cheer on my Wahoos, in my lucky orange pants, while Billy and the boys pretend not to know me.

I started packing today and had the damndest time trying to decide which of our Hoogalia to bring.  Because there is a lot.  6 pairs of orange pants, 3 pairs blue corduroy pants, 1 pair orange AND blue pants, 4 orange sweaters, 1 blue and white polka dot shirt, 3 navy blue polos, 312 orange and/or blue button downs, 9 virginia tshirts, 4 orange and blue striped shirts.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

03 11 14_0001

My sincere apologies to anyone who has tried to buy any form of clothing in blue and orange over the last few years. We have apparently have them all.

By the way, if you happen to see a news story about a girl arrested for running onto the court and kissing Tony Bennett, well, that’s not me. I swear.