New LOP Article On Babble: Summer Ain’t Over Yet

Babble Summer Ain't Over Yet Screw You Back to school displaysI typically don’t write a lot in the summer because, well, I like summer just as much as my kids. I did manage to write about that for Babble so please click here to read the article!

“When I was a kid, the end of the school year was brutal. I was ready for summer vacation by mid-April. My brain, which generally fired on all four cylinders, was torturously limping toward the finish line on a flat tire and a crappy suspension. And the idea of finishing my last school project (inevitably a diorama of some kind) was more torturous than being trapped in a pit of snakes.

After a school year crammed with obligations and schedules and homework, I just needed a mental break. I needed a lazy, languid summer to decompress; to wonder, to not be on anyone’s schedule.

Turns out I still do. And so do my kids….”

Read the rest of the article here on Babble.

Happy summer friends!