The World’s Worst Thank You Note

You guys. I have been so overwhelmed by the response to I Am The Keeper. So overwhelmed that it took me this long to even write this very belated thank you. It’s digital and not handwritten and it’s 3 weeks late so I’m fairly certain my father is rolling over in his grave at my lack of manners.

But I hope you know how sincerely grateful I am to those of you who read it, who commented, who shared it, who tagged their fellow keepers, and, especially, to those of you who reached out with your struggles and your own stories.

The greatest gift in the world, I think, is sharing a little piece of your soul with another human being and having them share a piece of their soul right back.

Perhaps the other is the gift of knowing we are not alone. That someone understands us. That we are messy and rigid and passionate and apathetic and confident and confused – and sometimes we are all those things at the same time. That being complicated humans doesn’t mean we can’t find joy amidst pain or gratitude amidst frustration. That we are bigger than our problems and always better together than apart.

So thank you for joining me, whether today or 2 years ago.

What started as a venue for my irreverent Top Ten lists and a way to poke fun at my obsessive love for Virginia Men’s Basketball turned into a blog about love.

About loving big and loving hard. Even when it is hard. Like when my dad died in the middle of our family vacation. Like when parenting is really hard. Like when my boys struggle with the genetic disease we share called Epidermolysis Bullosa. Like when my beloved Cavaliers became my grief therapy, linking my past to my present. Like when I lost myself last year in a spiral of self-doubt. Like when I had two suspicious masses this summer that fortunately turned out to be benign.

No matter what, I try to recognize that beautiful things happen and terrible things happen. And sometimes they happen at the same time.

Loving hard is an action. A choice. And I try to do it every day. It is the only thing we take with us when we leave this world and the only thing we leave behind.

Oh and if you’d like to read some of the stories about how you guys broke the internet, click on any of the pictures below.


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