Don’t Wait

Dont Wait Happiness is All Around You Love Hard

We expend so much emotional capital waiting.

Waiting for the weekend, for a new job, for when we have more money, for Christmas, for the right timing, for some magical time and place where the stars align.

But the truth is, friends, happiness isn’t a destination. It isn’t a date on the calendar. It certainly isn’t a notch we check off on the imaginary to do list of life. And all that waiting just blinds us to the happiness staring us right in the face.

Don’t wait for Christmas to make your house glitter with lights.

Don’t wait until you lose ten pounds to put on a bathing suit.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to use your fancy china.

Don’t wait for a birthday to eat cake.

Don’t wait until your kids are older to enjoy their company.

Don’t wait to have friends over until your house is immaculately clean.

Don’t be tricked into thinking I’ll be happy when…

Happiness Isn't a Destination. Don't Wait. Love Hard.

There is no perfect time. There is no magical day happiness will walk up and knock on your door.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now. Just stop. Take a breath and look. It’s all around you.

It’s in unexpected snowfall and lazy days on the beach.

In the first lick of an ice cream cone and the first sip of your morning coffee.

In the hand that rests on the small of your back and the smile of a stranger on the street.

In the Tuesday night impromptu dance party and the kind of laughter that makes your sides hurt.

In the way that your kids make up after they fight and the comfort of a friend who knows what you’re thinking before you can open your mouth.

In the mountain of casserole dishes lining your counters after you’ve had a new baby and the handwritten notes that slip through your mail slot when you lose someone you love.

In the wafting scent of spaghetti sauce from your stove and the sound of rain falling on your roof.

In the puppy curled at your feet and the sight of your parents holding hands.

In the grace of forgiveness and the gift of acceptance.

In those small moments when someone has the courage to share a piece of their soul with you and you share a piece of yours back.

In loving hard and knowing you are loved in return.

That is the greatest happiness there is friends.

Don’t wait. Don’t wait for Friday. For Christmas. For that promotion. For an apology that will never come. For other people to validate you. For a magical date on the calendar.

Don’t wait for the days to pass you by in a blur thinking that something on the horizon will finally be the key to happiness.

Stop waiting. Start looking. Happiness is all around you.


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