Sometimes It’s More Than a Game: Why I Took My Kids Out of School for a Basketball Game

Someone gently reminded me the other day that I have been uncharacteristically quiet since Christmas.  And I gently reminded my friend that the Lucky Orange Pants have been busy with more important things.  Like basketball  season.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that Virginia is one of two undefeated teams left in college basketball and ranked second in the country.

Second.  In the whole country.  For someone with a massive fear of heights, and a long memory of crashing and burning, this is a scary place to be. Read more...

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What I Learned On My Summer Vacation

Last week marked the official end to summer.   This was old news to many of us who said goodbye to summer weeks ago.  Perhaps at the exact moment we were photographing our children (looking the best they will look all year long) holding their Pinterest-inspired first day of school signs.  We have already grudgingly readjusted to the strictures of routine and schedule and simultaneously given up caring what they look like when they go to school.  Nearly one month in to the school year, my boys left the house looking as if they had not brushed their hair in 4 days.  And last week I let them wear stripes on stripes.  Don’t judge. Read more...

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Are You Ready for Some Football Part II: How Football Finally Made Me Cry

You can read Part I of the story here.

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve cried this summer.  I’m fine, remember?

I didn’t cry at my dad’s memorial service.  In fact, I reveled in the celebration of his life and took odd comfort in consoling the people who came and cried on my shoulder.

I didn’t cry as I spent 8 weeks living in my parents’ house, the house I grew up in, surrounded by his things. I looked at his clothes hanging in the closet, at his briefcase filled with law review articles, at the pictures of him scattered on tabletops and bookcases. I liked seeing those traces of him everywhere, as if he was about to bound through the doorway at any moment, ready to kiss my mom on the forehead and tell the boys a silly joke. Read more...

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Are You Ready for Some Football?: Love, loss, and America’s Game

After months of despondently pretending to care about tennis and golf and baseball while secretly watching reruns of the 1982 Peach Bowl on ESPN Classic, the drought is finally over.  With August comes a return to all that is good with the world.


I love everything about football.  College or NFL. Televised or live.  I love the play calls, the pageantry, the speculation over coaching hires and recruiting.  Most of all, I love being a fan. Since I was a little girl, I have loved my Giants and my Wahoos. But truthfully I will watch any game, any time, anywhere. Read more...

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June 16, 201406 14 14_2152

In the course of your life, there are certain moments that you remember as clearly as if they happened yesterday. Some are big moments, but most of them are small.  And this weekend, at Tony Bennett Basketball Camp, was one of those moments for Jack.  And for me.

But not for the reason you think.

Despite his most fervent desire, the idea that Jack would even be able to attend a college basketball camp was a stretch at best because of a rare disease no one has heard of (for more read here).  But this one – 2 half days with parents in attendance – seemed like the best shot we’d ever have to give him this dream.  Way too often in my younger life, I preemptively said no to things that I suspected I couldn’t do.  And that was the safe thing to be sure.  But I also regret that I didn’t just try some things, even if they would have ended up with me unable to walk for days. Read more...

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The Adventures of the Lucky Orange Pants (and the girl who wears them)

03 14 14_0001You might think, following UVA’s loss in the Sweet Sixteen, that I no longer consider my orange pants lucky. But you’d be dead wrong. 1. The Lucky Orange Pants have allowed you to witness firsthand my utter and obsessive three decades long love for my Wahoos.  It’s always been there – I’ve just kept it a secret because I want us to stay friends.

2. But the power of the Lucky Orange Pants extends far beyond my ridiculous and complex superstitions. They have co-opted friends and family into doing bizarre things, including but not limited to, wearing a pillow as a hat, rooting for our opponents, and almost naming a newborn after members of the team.  The power of the Lucky Orange Pants even got a Tech fan to wear orange pants on Friday night.

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Guess Hooooo’s going to Greensboro?

Some girls dream of jewelry or exotic vacations.  Some dream of giant closets filled with shoes.  Some dream of being movie stars or CEOs.

But me, I dream of ACC Tournament tickets. And now I have ’em. So I will be there to cheer on my Wahoos, in my lucky orange pants, while Billy and the boys pretend not to know me.

I started packing today and had the damndest time trying to decide which of our Hoogalia to bring.  Because there is a lot.  6 pairs of orange pants, 3 pairs blue corduroy pants, 1 pair orange AND blue pants, 4 orange sweaters, 1 blue and white polka dot shirt, 3 navy blue polos, 312 orange and/or blue button downs, 9 virginia tshirts, 4 orange and blue striped shirts.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… Read more...

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